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TLF500 Fresnel with optional barndoors

LED Fresnel Luminaire
Theatrelight TL-F500

Brand: Theatrelight

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Product Description

The TL-F500 is a white LED Fresnel spotlight suitable for stage lighting in small theatres and TV studios as well as the lighting of exhibits in art galleries and museums. It is fitted with colour runners to hold colour filters and optional beam shaping barndoors for theatre use, or without colour runners for general display use. Standard 5-Pin XLR connectors are provided for DMX control of intensity and strobe functions.

The major benefits of LED luminaires over equivalent incandescent luminaires are substantial savings in power and maintenance costs. The performance of the TL-F500 is similar to a 500 Watt incandescent Fresnel but with only about 20% of the electricity cost. The TL-F500 has an expected lifetime in excess of 20,000 hours, compared to only a few hundred hours for typical Theatre or TV rated incandescent lamps, resulting in much reduced lamp replacement and maintenance costs. In addition, the very low Infra-Red and UV output of LED luminaires makes the TL-F500 ideal for display and Museum lighting.

The TLF500 is the safe choice for school drama studios and TV studios. With no hot surfaces and a cool light beam, the risk of students burning themselves or adjacent drapes while operating the luminaire is virtually eliminated.