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Makeup Manual

Brand: Kryolan

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Product Description

One of the best makeup guides ever printed, Kryolan's Makeup Manual is an excellent introduction into the field of professional theatrical makeup.

This is a specialized book covering the essential fundamental knowledge of theatrical make-up, mask/mold making, body painting, high-definition make-up, and camouflage make-up. The book contains many images, examples of masks, and step-by-step instructions, making it a standard reference for teachers, professionals and hobbyists alike.

Material knowledge and basic principles are conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner. Makeup techniques for making a person appear younger or older, to usage of rubber parts and bald caps, beards, and wigs. One whole chapter is dedicated to creating makeup for realistic trauma portrayal of accident and emergency victims. The chapter also introduces the different types of stage blood and blood effects used in film and theater. Subsequent chapters also explain airbrush makeup techniques, the art of body painting, and the use of camouflage makeup to cover up tattoos and skin anomalies.

This is the eighth edition of the Kryolan Makeup Manual and it has been completely updated with even more topics, tips, and images.

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