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Dangerous Goods

We comply with NZ law when shipping all items - because safety is important.

Some products are classified as Dangerous Goods (DGs) for transport safety purposes so are subject to mandatory extra documentation, packaging and transport requirements. There's nothing for you to worry about, we take care of it all, but delivery sometimes takes an extra day or two because of restrictions on how DGs can be transported.

A DG Surcharge of $8.00 is automatically added to your shopping cart when you add one or more DG items to your cart.

This DG Surcharge is only added once per order and remains the same amount regardless of the number of DG items you combine into the order. 

The standard Red Diamond sign that's displayed on our product pages for any DGs tells you what sort of dangerous goods the product is and the classification (Class) number. Theatre Shop products that are classified as DGs are usually either Class 2 "Flammable Gas" such as aerosol cans, or Class 3 "Flammable Liquids" such as Spirit Gum.

Regulations require different classes of DGs to be transported in separate parcels so when you are adding items into your cart the system will automatically prevent you adding incompatible products into the same order.  Whenever a product is selected that's not compatible with other products that are in your cart a "Dangerous Goods Conflict" message is displayed and the "Add to Cart" button is disabled. You can still continue adding other non DG products and/or compatible DGs to your order.

If you need to purchase products that are Class 2 and products that are Class 3 you will need to place separate orders for them and yes, you do have to pay separate shipping and DG surcharge costs for each parcel as well.

The maximum total quantity of DG products than can be carried by most couriers in a single parcel is 1000ml (1Litre).  If you add DGs to your Cart and the total quantity exceeds 1000ml the Checkout button is disabled and a message is displayed requesting that you reduce the quantity of DGs in your Cart.  We can supply DGs in larger quantities by using the services of a specialist DG Courier. If you need larger quantities of DGs please phone us and we'll be happy to provide a quote for the product(s) and the appropriate specialist courier service.